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Hi im going to give some games for you to play like this.
and this might not work but

by Joshua Benton

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Halloween Party scavenger hunt cheats

Club Penguin released the Halloween Party. Here are the Halloween Party scavenger hunt cheats:

The first candy is at the Lodge Attic. Click on the pumpkin between the two couches.

chocolate bar

The second candy is at the Dock. Click on the pumpkin, and then click on the candy corn.

candy corn

The third candy is at the Pet Shop. Click on the candles, and then click on the lollipop.


The fourth candy is at the Cove. Click on the book, and then click on the purple candy.

purple candy

The fifth candy is at the Pool. Click on the big pumpkin hanging on the lights.

pumpkin candy

The sixth candy is at the Soccer Pitch. Click on the caramel cube inside the lights.

caramel candy

The seventh candy is at the Forest. Click on the haunted bush, and then click on the candy apple.

candy apple

The eighth candy is at the Mine. Click on the green slime, and then click on the green candy.

green candy

Congratulations! You have completed the Halloween Party Scavenger Hunt. Claim your prize to receive the Jack O’ Lantern background.

New Furniture Coming Soon!

Hello Penguins!

It’s time to get the island ready for Halloween – and that includes your igloos! I managed to get you a sketch of something that’ll be in the Better Igloos catalog – it comes out this Friday.

furniture image.jpg
Can you think of a good place for that?

We hope you’ve had the chance to read about the Halloween igloo decorating contest in the newspaper. During past contests, lots of you have asked for a way to let the judges know that yours is ready – so the team’s made a special “submit” button. It’ll show up right in your igloo starting Friday, October 16. If you want more details, check out the Club Penguin Times – and make sure to look at the prizes…

Until then…Waddle on!


Club Penguin

Hi im joshe13

hi im joshe13 and i am now going to post with coins 33

Every year for Club Penguin they have party for their anniversary. They give out a free party hat for everyone to collect. However, I was lucky enough this year to find the colors of this year’s party hat! Take a look at my penguin for the new colors:

New news paper